Nature Walk and Color Wheel (2 in 1 fun!) | Carson Tahoe Health

With the kids out of school, we know the importance of occupying their time in a meaningful and entertaining way. We came across this great idea that turns an outdoor activity into a fun and pretty craft!

Nature Color Wheel


Get outdoors! Head out for a leisurely hike or walk and encourage your little travelers to find a leaf, branch or stick*. Try to get the biggest variety of colors and shapes possible. We recommend traveling with a plastic bag to collect all the new “treasures.”


After the nice hike and your newfound art pieces- display them in a beautiful, natural color wheel by simply gluing them to a sheet of white paper.

Voila! Instant art!

*Note: Try to steer clear of wildflowers or a person’s flowers in their yard… it’s nice to remain good neighbors to the environment and our peers :).