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All February long, we are putting our attention to the little engine that could … Our heart. This month, while we enjoy sweethearts, roses, and Valentine’s Day cards … it’s also the time to focus on the health of our anatomical heart. Did you know that heart disease and stroke are both considered types of cardiovascular disease? To dive deeper into more heart health facts, who better to speak with than a cardiologist? Fortunately, Carson Tahoe Health has several awesome ones on staff, including Dr. David Baker, MD who breaks down simple ways to make sure your internal engine is running in tip-top shape.

David Baker MD

David Baker, MD

CTH: What is one thing that anyone can do to protect their heart?

Dr. Baker: There are many … many things that a person can do to protect their heart. Not smoking is huge, as is eating well and exercising. Managing other diseases properly (like hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol) is also very important. To pick just one is hard. In general, the best thing to do is to work with your health care provider, to be vigilant about your health, and proactive in managing problems when they come up. Smoking cessation is difficult but your health care provider can help. Carson Tahoe Health has smoking cessation classes that you can sign up for or call (775) 445-7651. For many people, discussing an exercise program or diet with your provider is important before getting started. And of course, your provider is essential in identifying and treating other risk factors that you may have. So, if I had to pick one thing a person could do, it would be to have a strong relationship with your primary care provider.

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