Explore the Black Rock | Carson Tahoe Health

This desert playa is unlike any other around the world.

The Black Rock Desert is a unique and beautiful part of the historic emigrant trails through Nevada.

Enjoy back country or emigrant trail hiking, motorcycle or ATV trekking, hunting, horseback riding, land-sailing, rock hunting or just camping out under the stars. Spend a little time studying how to stay safe and enjoy the Black Rock, then grab your gear and enjoy a wild time, outdoor Nevada style.

Also, remember that the Black Rock is part of nationally protected wilderness and a little forethought allows us a great opportunity to not only keep ourselves healthy but learn how to keep our surroundings healthy as well.

For more information on the Black Rock Desert check out http://blackrockdesert.org/friends/ and to learn about “Leave no trace” principles take a look at http://www.lnt.org/