How To Manage Black Friday | Carson Tahoe Health

Black Friday is a day that can elicit both excitement and fear at the same time. You typically find the deals of the year, and with that, comes the biggest crowds of the year. If you’re braving the Black Friday madness to score something great, we’ve compiled some simple tips on how to manage your time, make smart choices and hey, even keep you safe! (Have you seen the videos of the trampling masses? Yikes!).

Plan accordingly.

If you are determined to not miss a sale no matter the crowd size, plan wisely. This helps manage your expectations of what you are hoping to get. Prioritize what items you want, hit those stores first and be prepared to wait. If you have a shopping buddy, even better. Have one person drop the other off in front of the store and leave the other person to park. A buddy can also help you load larger items into the car if necessary. Other planning steps: fill the car with gas, bring snacks and make sure your phone is charged to be as prepared as possible.


Check the web.

Scour Internet deals first. Many companies are now offering online sales that are just as good as those offered in the store. Plus, they can all be purchased from the comfort of your own home. Plan which online stores you want to shop first, make sure you visit those sites promptly too so your desired items will still be available. Shop just as smart as if you were in the physical store. Wasted time on Facebook between browsing can mean missing a sale.


Finally, remember that it’s just shopping.

While it is amazing to get super discounted deals or the most sought after item-at the end of the day, if you have your health, family and love, you should be content. Keep realistic expectations and just have fun. No one wants to be that mom fighting over the famous toy that then gets broadcast on the news! Enjoy yourself and if you happen to score something great, even better!