The Benefits, Yes Benefits, of Middle age! | Carson Tahoe Health

We’re all too familiar with the frustrations of middle age, but we often over look the perks of this period of life. Here’s a few of the oh so lovely benefits of reaching middle age!

Clearer Skin – Acne doesn’t always clear up after puberty. One cause of adult acne is the production of a hormone called androgen, which increases during menstruation. But later in life these hormone levels begin to even out, leaving your skin less prone to breakouts. For women who have dealt with acne throughout their lives Middle age may bring an unexpected relief.

Improved Self-Confidence –Middle age often brings women a renewed sense of confidence and self-assurance. Such refreshing confidence leads to increased energy and drive. At this stage of life there’s a chance to realize that you are still young enough to make changes and pursue your own happiness.

No More PMS – Many women consider menopause to be a four letter word, but these changes are positive as well. After menopause, say hello to a life without period-related cramping, mood swings and irritability. No more monthly discomfort and no more carrying around tampons and pads!

Less Time and Effort on Hair – Women tend to spend plenty of money and effort on their hair. In middle age, this can naturally decrease because the glands below your skin become less active. This means your scalp will accumulate less oil and sweat. Women can benefit from washing their hair less often and the freshly washed hair feeling will last for longer. This allows middle aged women to cut back on the time and effort evolved in hair care.

Sex Without Fear of Pregnancy – Pregnancy is probably the last thing most middle-aged women have on their mind. Thanks to menopause women can find more joy in sex. As the fear of pregnancy vanished, women are opened up to greater pleasure and satisfaction in the bedroom. This can make middle age a fun new chapter in your life.

Less Bladder Pressure and Pain – Uterine Fibroids, which can grow as a result of higher estrogen levels, are often associated with pain, bleeding and bladder pressure. But good news for postmenopausal women: When estrogen levels decline, fibroids stop growing entirely and even tend to shrink. Middle age can bring a relief from such symptoms after the ovaries stop producing estrogen.

New Focus on Your Own Health – Women’s early lives are often committed to tending kids, family and career needs. Finding time for self-care can seem impossible, but middle age can solve that. Many women find that later in life they finally have time for self-discovery and self-care. This can make getting fit and healthy easier as women start to make the life changes necessary for healthy eating, living and feeling.

Fewer Migraines – Menstruation is one of the most common causes of migraine headaches in women due to the spike in hormones. But middle age may eliminate such debilitating migraines. As hormone levels begin to balance out, migraines become fewer and fewer. This means that regardless of what time of the month it is, middle-aged women can enjoy more activities without dealing with migraine pains.

Improved Brain Function – Sure, you may forget your keys more often, but the latest research indicates that, as with a fine wine, age might actually be good for your brain. Wisdom from years of experience helps women become more intuitive and creative so they can quickly and more accurately handle issues and people.