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3 Quick Activities to Do With Your Kids This Week

We’ve rounded up a few quick activities you can do with kids to keep things fun, entertaining, and most importantly… keep them occupied!

1. Send a hug in the mail

For this activity all you’ll need is a long roll of paper, scissors and coloring supplies. Have your little one lay flat horizontally on the paper and trace around their head and arms. Once traced, allow them to color in their clothing, hair and face and help them write a nice note to their loved one! Fold it up, seal in an envelope and be prepared to make someone’s day with a custom hug delivered just for them!

2. Balloon Ping Pong

If the weather is confining you to indoors, or you’re just looking for a quick way to burn some energy inside, consider making a balloon ping pong game. All you’ll need is two paper plates tied to two craft sticks for the paddles. For the “ball” simply blow up and tie a balloon. The supplies are easy to find and using a lightweight balloon eliminates the risk of broken household items… we hope.

3. Neighborhood scavenger Hunt

Transform a typical walk around the park or neighborhood into a fun adventurous scavenger hunt! Make a list of things to find and offer a prize or reward for getting all items checked off the list. Here’s a simple downloadable PDF we found that you can use, or get creative and make your own.

Scavenger Hunt for Kids: Neighborhood Search PDF



We hope these have inspired you to try something new! What are some of your favorite activities you do with your kids?