5 Rainy Day Activities to do with Kids! | Carson Tahoe Health

We thought this summer thunderstorm would be a great opportunity to share 5 quick activities you can do with your kids. Should the clouds turn, fear not!

1. Camp in the great indoors!

Who says tents have to stay outside? If you have a pop-up or small dome tent, it’s easy to set up camp for your kids indoors. If not, you can create tents by draping sheets over the couch. Make them comfy with airbeds, pillows, and sleeping bags, then follow through with an indoor picnic to be eaten “under canvas.”

2 . Organize a family film festival!

Queue up some classics, old (Singin’ in the Rain) and new (Rise of the Guardians), let the kids add a few favorites—even mix in last week’s The Voice on DVR for variety—and have a marathon screening. Keep a cozy throw on hand to snuggle under, a big bowl of popcorn to dip into, and settle in to enjoy the show(s).

3.  Create and in home “Spa Day”

Break out that nice face mask or lotion you’ve been saving and allow your kids to soak their feet in the tub, put cucumbers on your eyes and listen to some serene music. You can even offer to give each other some much needed foot rubs… we’re getting relaxed already!

4. Get Artsy!

Living in Nevada, we know that this rain is only temporary! You can purchase inexpensive terra cotta pots and craft paint while it’s raining, then once the sun comes back out, you already have an outdoor activity: planting herbs and flowers!

5. Make a photo booth!

Find a corner in your house, hang up a decorative sheet or even a fun patterned wrapping paper and strike a pose! Your kids can dress up and you can create a fun album of your “models” to cherish!