Changing up your Beauty Routine while Pregnant | Carson Tahoe Health


Most mommies to be are aware of precautions to take in their diet, however it’s important to be aware of pregnancy- recommended skincare products as well. Here are a few pointers you can incorporate into you skincare and beauty routine from skin care expert and author of the book “Belli Beautiful,” Melissa Schweiger.


  1. “Instead of applying mascara at the roots of the lashes, apply it only onto the tips of the lashes.”
  2. “Stage a ban on all synthetic perfumes. Instead, use essential oils (we love jasmine and citrus scents) and dab them onto your hair.”
  3. “Rather than getting a single process hair color that sits on the scalp, opt for highlights instead. Or get an ammonia-free glaze to keep the grays at bay. But wait until the second trimester to do any hair coloring treatment. Our motto is ‘When in doubt, wait it out!’”
  4. “Stay away from finger bowls and foot spas at the nail salon. Instead ask for a waterless manicure and pedicure.”
  5. “Swap your highly pigmented red lipstick for a gloss.”
  6. “Shampoo every other time – or even every third time – you wash your hair to lessen the number of chemicals you’re putting on your scalp. And apply conditioner to only the ends of the hair.”
  7. “Cancel your waxing appointment and throw away any depilatories or body and facial bleach. Laser hair removal is also a definite pregnancy no-no. Instead stick to good old shaving for the body and plucking or threading for the face.”