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Ask The Skincare Expert: Why is it Important to Wear Sunscreen?

We’re back with the lovely and talented Emily Sindlinger who chatting with us today about why overexposure in the sun is NOT our friend.


The sun is your skin’s number-one enemy! 


  • Sun exposure is the number-one cause of premature aging of the skin.
  • Sun exposure is the number-one cause of skin cancer.
  • Sun exposure is the number-one cause of cancer (there are more cases of skin cancer than any other form of cancer).

Wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is so important because avoiding direct sunlight is near impossible.  Many people only use sunscreen when you go to the beach, but it is just as important when going to the grocery store, taking out the trash or sitting next to a window inside.  Sun damage is cumulative over a lifetime, and eventually the free radicals will destroy your collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin.

If you have dark pigmented skin it is just as important to wear a sunscreen daily as someone with lighter skin because the collagen and elastin still breakdown causing wrinkles, sagging skin and skin cancer no matter how dark your skin tone.  Children should be carefully shielded from the sun as early as childbirth.  Infants and toddlers should have sunscreen applied daily as well.

What does broad spectrum mean?

A broad spectrum sunscreen means if filters both UVA and UVB rays.  UVA rays are longer rays that penetrate into the dermis causing the most deadly forms of skin cancer.  UVB are short rays that penetrate to the epidermis causing sunburn and the majority of skin cancers. You always want to be sure you are applying a broad spectrum SPF as both UVA and UVB rays can penetrate glass windows.  The FDA now regulates that most over the counter sunscreens have to be broad spectrum but you still want to pay close attention to the label.

As great as a tan looks laying out and going to tanning beds is the worst thing you can do to your skin.  When the skin tans it’s a natural defense mechanism trying to shield the skin from harm.  Tanning beds use the harmful UVA rays.  Airbrush spray tanning and sunless tanning products have come a long way.  They no longer make you look orange or have a terrible smell and is much safer.

What does SPF mean?

SPF stands for sun protective factor.  The SPF number represents how long you can stay in the sun without getting a sunburn.  For example: lighter skin types can be in the sun for 4 minutes before they start to burn, so you multiply the SPF number (lets say 30), by the minutes before they burn, so a lighter skin tone needs to reapply an spf 30 every 2 hours.  Its important to know to that higher SPF’s don’t always filter more rays, they just buy you more minutes before you need to reapply.



Make sure you’re man is covered! 


Let’s face it, we as women may know the importance of sunscreen, but why do we feel like we’re fighting our guys to put on the stuff?! To make sure the man in your life is properly lathered up, make it as accessible as possible. I like to put travel size sunscreens in his car, gym bag, golf bag, and even attach it to his water bottle. Also, a friendly text reminder can’t hurt!

One of my most favorite sunscreens:


PCA SPF 45 for the face has skin lightening agents that help prevent freckling and sunspots.

Why bake it when you can fake it?


Infinity Sun is the best sunless tanning solution on the market.  It is an all natural air brush tan that last up to 2 weeks.  You will want to exfoliate before to extend the life of your tan and avoid sweating or showering for 6 hours while the tan develops.


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