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What your Fingernails may Tell you about your Health

Fingernails, you ask? What does that have to do with my health? Surprisingly your fingernails are a good indication of what can be going good, or bad in your bod.


Our fingernails can be indicators of hormonal imbalances, if you are receiving the proper nutrition, or are suffering from a metabolic disorder. A good indication you are suffering from one of the following is peeling or yellowing nails. While some degree of peeling is normal for fingernails, if your nails seem unusually weak and you find them breaking, tearing, and peeling often, it could be a sign that something internally may be in need of treatment.


In other cases, nail change may mean that you may be suffering a nutritional deficiency. Taking a common multi-vitamin found at your local drug store will help make up for the deficiency- however, your doctor should always be consulted prior to taking any new supplements to avoid any adverse effects.


Here are some general indications of what changes in your fingernails may indicate, as always consult a doctor or healthcare professional if you have any direct concerns.


  • White spots – zinc deficiency
  • Yellow nails – liver and/or gallbladder issues
  • Bluish or grey colored nails – heart condition
  • Brown nails – adrenal gland dysfunction


  • Vertical ridges – metabolic disorders or lung issues
  • Horizontal ridges – gout, heart and circulation conditions
  • Small bulges – nail fungi or iron deficiency


  • Spoon shaped – iron deficiency or damage from harsh detergents
  • Hourglass shape – bronchial or lung conditions