Take a Hike! | Carson Tahoe Health

It’s hard not to take advantage of the gorgeous trails and mountains our area provides. While enjoying the beauty of the outdoors, hiking doesn’t even feel like a workout. It’s also considered one of the top exercises for the body, burning about 240 calories per hour, increasing bone density, reducing heart disease, and improving cardiovascular health. Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know, from what to wear, what to bring, and where to go.

The Gear:

Gearing up for the hike is one of the most important parts. You’ll be on your feet for hours so you need to feel comfortable. A good quality pair of shoes that fit comfortably is imperative. The soles should be thick, and the bottoms should have offer strong traction for safety. Make sure to bring enough layers. You never know when it’ll cool down or warm up, so bringing options is important. A waterproof jacket because it can get wet, extra socks, sun glasses and a hat are key.


What to bring?

Going on a hike well prepared is crucial. Essentials: bug spray, sun block, and chapstick. Pack plenty of water, of course, to stay hydrated and bring some healthy snacks too. Some easy snack ideas include: trail mix, fruit (dried or fresh), energy & granola bars, crackers, and jerky. A large backpack isn’t necessary, the lighter your load, the better.

Now, where to go?

Well, we’re lucky our area provides vast variety of places to hike.  Here are just a few “hiker recommended” hiking destinations, perfect for a day trip!

Cascade falls

This hike is only about 1 mile around Cascade Lake and it’s pretty flat and would be a great hike to include kids. After the mile, you reach Cascade Falls. The water literally cascades over the rocks. This is the perfect spot to take a break and relax. You can even bring swimsuit and have some fun in the water to cool off.



Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake, near Emerald Bay, is a bit steeper, bur not too long (about a mile). When you reach the end, you’ll find Eagle Lake, and trust us, it’s so beautiful and tranquil you wont want to leave. You can easily swim in this lake and bring some water toys too!



Angora Lake

This one’s a little more advanced, depending on how far you go. The trail is steeper and is surrounded by cliffs. The top is quite a treat and boasts an amazing view of the lake, surrounded by cliffs and mountains. Best of all, Angora Lake welcomes you at the top and is a great place to cool off, have a little picnic, and go for a little swim.