Travel Like a Pro | Carson Tahoe Health

As always, the holidays are some of the busiest travel days of the year, and this year promises to be no exception. Busy travel days come with more delays, crowds and germs.

Here are a few travel tips to help ease your travel this holiday season.

1. Leave early. Give yourself plenty of time. We all know the airport will be crowded, so avoid some unnecessary stress by arriving with plenty of time to check in and stand in the long security line.

2. Pack less. If your flight is delayed or cancelled for an unforeseen reason, you’ll want to have your luggage with you. Checking bags only adds extra stress and complexity to your trip, so try to pack only a carry-on. Ship your presents in advance, and wash clothes while you’re there to cut down on suitcase space. If there’s no way around a checked bag, make sure to pack an extra change of clothes and toiletries in your carry-on.

If you must pack the gifts, avoid wrapping them. More often than not, security agents will have to open them.

3. Bring entertainment. If you are traveling with children, plan ahead and bring them entertainment, snacks, etc.

4. Prepare for the worst. Chances of hitting a snag are high with the increased number of travelers and cold weather. Try to plan in advance for any problems you can think of. One tip is to pack your cell phone charger in your carry-on bag. This way if your flight information changes, you can call everyone without the worry of your phone dying.

5. Stay healthy. Added people, added germs. Wash your hands regularly. Bring hand sanitizer or wipes with you. Also, don’t forget to eat right, stress less and remain active.