5 For Friday: Five Holiday Party Tips | Carson Tahoe Health

‘Tis the season to be celebrating holiday cheer! If you are hosting a fantastic soiree, but want to be (even just a little more) health conscious here’s some great tips!


1. Dish up lighter or smaller desserts. Let’s be honest: it wouldn’t be a holiday party without holiday desserts. So make it easy for your guests. Serve light desserts when possible, and offer dessert trays with bite-size samples. When serving up desserts, think about portions that are two to four bites — just enough to taste and enjoy. Your guests can always have more! (Tip from WebMD.com)

2.GET MOVING.. It depends on the type of party you’re having, but possibilities include:

  • Dancing.
  • Holiday caroling or a moonlight, candlelight, or flashlight walk around your neighborhood (weather permitting).
  • Pingpong, billiards, foosball, or other games that involve some action.
  • Snowball fights.
  • And yes, cleaning and doing the dishes after counts!

3. Offer plenty of (healthy) drink options. Spirits and libations are found at most parties. However, in addition to cocktails, consider offering a variety of non-alcoholic and healthy options for guests too. Some ideas include: sparkling waters, low sugar juices and a variety of coffees and teas.

4. Serve healthy food. Many times party food can be packed with fat, calories and sugar. Consider substituting a few of your holiday food “standbys” for a vibrant winter fruit salad or festive veggie tray.

5. Change the focus from food to fun!  Sometimes it seems like the entire party congregates around the food table. Consider a game or activity like holiday trivia, a gift exchange or sing-a-ling that takes place in a separate area. That way you and your guests can focus on each other’s company… not the buffet table.