Which Hiking Boots Are Right For You? | Carson Tahoe Health

Now that we are in the swing of summer, we are sure you have been getting out and enjoying the outdoors. Living right next to Lake Tahoe also makes for some prettier than normal scenery. If you’re like us and like to get up there and explore the hiking trails, we are sure you will love this post!


Hiking is not only a great way to get in some exercise with your friends, it is the perfect way to explore nature and see parts nature that hasn’t been overrun by us humans. However, whenever the word hiking comes up, you know the discussion about tennis shoes versus hiking boots follows. Some like hiking boots, while others swear they are too uncomfortable and prefer tennis shoes.


We have found some great choices, from Scheels and Cabela’s for you to check out and go try on to end the debate! The important thing to remember is comfort is key. You should also be buying a shoe that fits your experience level- and for some of us out there, ahem ladies, not only is comfort key, but they have to look good too!


Best Overall Hiking Boot:

If you are looking for a top of the line boot, look no further. This boot gives you support, as well as a mid-ankle rise (perfect for the average hiker).

Keen Women’s Ketchum Boots: $160.00

Won’t Break The Bank:

Don’t want to break the bank? You can also choose trail running shoes. These naturally have more support and are great for the casual hiker. These provide stability as well as comfort.

Saucony Women’s Cohesion TR6 Trail Running Shoes: $49.99

Most Stylish:

These boots are a great choice for the hiker with style in mind. While you aren’t going to find hiking boots resembling your favorite pair of Chuck Taylor’s, these are understated and don’t look like you’re trying to compete with Rambo for best boots.

Cabela’s Women’s Mid VTX Hikers: $89.99

Low versus High Top:

The debate between a low versus high top hiking boot really comes down to a couple of things- whether you have weak ankles and comfort. If you have weak ankles of any kind, we definitely recommend you get a high top or mid-rise boot to better protect yourself from falling and twisting your ankle badly. The argument for a low-rise hiking boot is often related to comfort- some people don’t like the stiffness a high top boot provides and prefer to have more freedom. It’s really a personal choice- but take your skill level, as well as your hiking style into accountability when purchasing.


Merrell® Women’s Chameleon Arc 2 Waterproof Hikers: $124.99


Danner Roughhouse Mountain GTX Women’s Hiking Boot: $190.00

Good luck finding your perfect pair of hiking boots to finish out this amazing summer- Happy Hiking!

Scheels: Keen Women’s Ketchum Boots and Saucony Women’s Cohesion TR6 Trail Running Shoes.

Cabela’s: Cabela’s Women’s Mid VTX Hikers, Merrell® Women’s Chameleon Arc 2 Waterproof Hikers, and Danner Roughhouse Mountain GTX Women’s Hiking Boot.