10 Dairy Free Sources of Calcium | Carson Tahoe Health

While a calcium-rich diet prior to menopause is key to preventing bone loss. Incorporating calcium through diet can benefit overall health for all ages. Many may be aware that dairy products are high in calcium, however, there are a variety of other dairy-free options that pack a calcium-rich punch!

Here are 10 calcium-rich foods to incorporate into your diet that are delicious and dairy-free.

1. Almonds– Almonds contain almost 100mg of calcium per ounce. They also are beneficial for those with high cholesterol.

2. Kale – The super-green is high in calcium, minerals, and antioxidants. Cook as a side dish or add to a salad for an easy calcium boost.

3. Broccoli– Steam broccoli for a high calcium side dish or incorporate into salads and snacks.

4. Oatmeal-Oatmeal provides a significant amount of calcium. Just one packet of instant oatmeal provides about 100 mg.

5. Black Eyed Peas– Not only are black-eyed peas a good source of calcium; these little beans also contain potassium, folate and other nutrients.

6. Orange Juice-Every glass of orange juice with your breakfast and boost your calcium stores. Calcium-rich OJ will provide even more of your daily needs.

7. Blackstrap Molasses-Consider using molasses instead of syrup or sugar in some of your recipes to increase your calcium and iron intake. Molasses even contains more calcium than milk!

8. Spinach– Surge your calcium intake by incorporating spinach into smoothies and salads each day.

9. Figs-These decadent fruits pack about 100 mg of calcium for about 4 pieces. Eat them fresh or roast for a sweet treat.

10. Sesame Seeds– Sprinkle sesame seeds on salads, cereal and add to your favorite dishes. They pack plenty of calcium as well as fiber and are a good source of unsaturated fat.