15 Parent Hacks | Carson Tahoe Health

Let’s face it: parenting can be tough. Moms and dads are always looking for ways to make things easier. These parenting “hacks” are a good place to start.

Whether it is your first baby or your last, adjusting to life with your new bundle of joy can feel overwhelming for any parent. While teamwork is the best recipe for success, sometimes you need a few tricks up your sleeve to make things a little easier. Here are some parenting hacks that can give you peace of mind even on the most hectic of days:

1. Get out of having to make lunch every morning by freezing a batch of PB&J sandwiches ahead of time.

The sandwiches will keep for about four to six weeks, and be fully thawed and ready to eat by lunchtime. Learn more here.

2. If your tired of your kid pulling off their diaper, try putting their onesie on backwards.

3. Baby-proof your drawers with the least effort possible.

4. Use the bottle to keep track of your kid’s doses.

5. Cut pancakes into toddler-sized bites with a pizza cutter.

6. Put magnets on your kid’s cups so that they stick to the fridge.

This way your kid will be able to get a drink all by themselves.

7. Keep your kids from making a mess when eating in the car by putting their meal into an organization bucket.

Ideal for those nights you don’t feel like making dinner.

8. Make separating your kids’ clothes easy using the dot method. This is ideal for families with kids close in age.

9. Use a lint roller to quickly pick up glitter.

10. Freeze yogurt to make ice pops your kid will love. Easiest. Dessert. EVER!

11. Make storing and organizing Lego bricks a snap using a shoe storage bag.

12. Clean toys the easy way by putting them into the dishwasher. Cleans a lot of toys, fast.

13. Buy yourself some time by letting your kid go all Picasso in a box.

14. Put a command hook on the back of your baby’s high chair so you never misplace a bib again.

15. Put two layers of fitted sheets (separated by puppy pads) on your kid’s bed to make it easier to change their sheets in the middle of the night if they have an accident. Simply pull off the soiled fitted sheet and puppy pad, then let your kid go back to sleep on the dry sheet underneath.

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