Be Holiday Party Smart | Carson Tahoe Health

It’s that time of year again – party season. We all know the holiday season is filled with parties and those parties include food. With so many delicious, rich food and drink options to choose from, it can be hard to avoid the temptations. It’s no wonder people gain weight around the holidays.

Here are some tips to help fend off the holiday bulge:

1. Never go to a party hungry. Going to a holiday party hungry will only cause you to eat more than you normally would have. Try to eat a small healthy snack with protein before arriving at the party.

2. Select only the dishes at the buffet that look the best to you. When at a buffet table, people tend to take a little of everything which can add up to more calories than you might think. By selecting a few dishes, it will be easier to keep your calorie count low.

3. Watch your proportions. Meat should be about the size of the palm of your hand. Starches, including pasta, rice, and potatoes, should be no larger than the size of your closed fist. Try to fill your plate with fresh, healthy vegetables, which will help fill you up quicker, without adding too many calories.

4. Stay away from the dip and sauces. Do your best to avoid grays, sauces and dips. These types of side dishes usually contain a lot of fat and unnecessary calories.

5. Be aware of your alcohol intake. Not only do many holiday drinks contain added fat and calories, but also when drinking you tend to eat more. Stick with having one beer, a glass of wine, or a small cocktail.

6. Remember to exercise. If you know you’ll be attending a holiday party, be sure to add some extra physical activity to your normal routine. Even an extra 10 minutes can be beneficial.

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