Cancer Patients Have a Home in Carson City | Carson Tahoe Health

The Merriner Cottages are 15 units that provide restful nights for out-of-town cancer patients. They are provided at no cost to those who qualify. On June 28, a fundraiser was held at Adele’s Restaurant to raise funds for the operating expenses of the Merriner Cottages. Brenda Chapman has been involved in this event for the past four years. The following is her story:

Most of you know that George and I have had a tough time with our health over the years. We’ve been to doctors, pharmacies, clinics, labs, hospitals, universities – you name it, we’ve been there. With my obscure health issues and George’s cancer, the two of us should be poster children for universal healthcare!

During George’s treatment in California, we had to use temporary patient residences dozens of times. We came to know and understand what it’s like to have to live away from home at a very difficult time. We stayed in a lot of places and most of them were pretty depressing.

I promised myself that if George survived all he went through, I would do something to make it easier for future patients who have to travel for treatment. Charlie told me about the Carson Tahoe Cancer Center, and when I toured the Merriner Cottages, I knew I had to do all I could to support them.

It gives me great joy when patients come up to me and thank me for helping raise money for the Merriner Cottages. George and I fully understand the importance of these Cottages to non-local patients. It’s difficult being away from home when you’re sick, but if you are able to stay amidst pleasant surroundings you can rest better and focus on healing.

That’s why we’re here. Thank you for joining me in supporting thousands of patients who have and will benefit from the Merriner Cottages. And a huge thanks to Ruth Merriner and her family for making them possible.


This year’s fundraiser at Adele’s restaurant raised approximately $19,000 for the Merriner Cottages. We thank Charlie Abowd, Brenda Chapman, and most importantly Ruth Merriner for helping cancer patients in Carson City.