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Don’t Overlook Primary Care (Even When You’re Healthy)

The times of traditional healthcare are over.

Younger generations, increasing use of technology and a fast-paced lifestyle are just several pieces to the new (and complicated) healthcare puzzle.

In a recent survey through the Kaiser Family Foundation, 26 percent of adults said they didn’t have a family care provider. Of those, nearly half (45 percent) were 18 to 29-year-olds.

It’s no secret that millennials (dare I say it – everyone has a varying perception) do not access care in the same way their predecessors do. The old way was simple – a family shared one primary care physician (PCP) – this was your family doctor.

Now – people establishing care:

  • Want care fast;
  • Have a plethora of research at their fingertips, they’re not the first to seek out doctors as their first touch-point for reliable health information;
  • Are cognizant of out-of-pocket costs;
  • And they are in-tune with what their peers say in word of mouth or online reviews.

Because of this multi-dimensional healthcare world, one where people have many choices and often seek speed, convenience, and transparency, it is not uncommon that those same people back out of the healthcare sphere all-together and simply never establish with a PCP, until they absolutely need to. Even then, many younger people seek telehealth platforms online, urgent care clinics, or emergency rooms when they’re in need.

We have all heard the (valid but unexpected) reasons to have a primary care doctor:

  • “I got a doctor because my parents told me to.”
  • “I got a doctor because I finally had health insurance and I figured that was the next step.”

The list goes on, but shouldn’t everyone’s reason be: “I got a doctor because I wanted to take charge of my health.”

The reality is that people who regularly visit their PCP statistically live longer, healthier lives.

“A primary care provider’s job is to tailor care for you,” Dr. Matthew Gordon, MD with Carson Tahoe Medical Group, Reno said. “The benefit of primary care is that you develop a thoughtful and meaningful relationship with your provider. They can help mitigate, manage, and even discover health problems so you can improve your quality of life.”

Not only can seeing a doctor regularly help with prevention-based on age and various risk factors but establishing with a PCP can also enable a person to catch potential health issues before they surface. Seeing a doctor regularly allows the PCP to become more aware of a patient’s overall health, and nuanced history, so they can recommend tests to determine a person’s risk of developing certain diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer. This, combined with authenticity, technology, and compassion help create a more modern healthcare experience.

Additionally, establishing with a PCP allows (in certain instances) greater access to a healthcare system. For instance, if you visit your PCP under Carson Tahoe Medical Group, you’re now referred (if needed) to other specialists under the Carson Tahoe Health umbrella. This pathway ensures seamless care.

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