Know Your Winter Storm Weather Lingo | Carson Tahoe Health

Winter storms are a part of your life if you are a resident in Carson, Douglas County or Washoe County, but do you know the difference between a storm advisory and a storm warning? We’ve compiled the most common storm-related lingo so you and your family can be as prepared as possible should mother nature decide to “bring on the snow!”


Some lingo you should know.


Winter Storm Outlook– Always check what the weather conditions will be for several days after a storm, don’t just assume the storm is a singular day.


Winter Weather Advisory- Winter weather conditions are expected to cause significant inconveniences when winter weather advisory is issued. If your area receives a winter storm warning, it is important to have enough food and water available in your home for a couple days (or the duration of the storm) in case you are stranded.


Winter Storm Watch– This means that winter storm conditions are possible in the next 36 to 48 hours. It’s important to remain informed about the weather, and note if anything changes. Can’t stay glued to a TV all day for weather updates? No problem! Here’s a list of the 13 top weather apps for iPhones and Android phones. If the storm is relatively small, continue on as normal, if it appears to be large, it is better to play it safe and have water/food available in your home in case of an emergency.


Winter Storm Warning- When a winter storm warning is issued, this means weather conditions can be life threatening, severe, and have begun or will begin in 24 hours. If you are in an area where a winter storm warning is issued, you should take precautions immediately. While the term “life threatening” can sound scary… it’s important to know that it doesn’t always mean lots of snow, it can often mean temperatures that drop so low that if left unprotected, can be extremely dangerous for humans and pets. Try to get home as soon as possible and do not drive in hazardous weather conditions, as the likelihood of accidents and getting stuck are much higher.