Tips To Save on Winter Clothes For Kids | Carson Tahoe Health

Let’s face it. Where we live, you need to layer up in the winter months! But many times adding winter clothes to your child’s wardrobe can be a costly and even frustrating process (they just keep growing!). We’ve compiled some tips to help you keep your kiddos warm and reel in your spending.



First things first, HIT THE SALES. January-April is actually a great time to stock up on items you need. The after-Christmas and end of season sales offer top quality brands at lower price points. Plus, since it doesn’t usually warm up in these parts ‘til around April, you can still get some use out of them this season.


If your children are still growing, consider buying one size up so you can be prepared for next winter too.


Also, for families with both boys and girls, consider neutral color options so they can be passed down easily.



If the winter clothing you have is still in relatively good condition, you can consider selling the outgrown pieces online or at a consignment shop. These are also good places to look for gently used but totally wearable items for your family.



Organize a clothing swap with close friends or other families and you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find! Not only will the clothes seem ‘new’ to your family, but you can also help your friends and neighbors by providing them with items they’ve also been searching for.



In months where it’s frigid in the morning and warms up throughout the day, layering is key. This means that some summer items like t-shirts and tanks can actually be used all year long. Layering over thermals or pairing a dress with thicker leggings and a turtleneck can save you money by repurposing clothes your children already have.