5 Ways to Cool off this weekend! | Carson Tahoe Health

According to our fellow meteorologists, this weekend is supposed to be a scorcher! If you’re fighting to stay cool, here’s a few ideas to try!


1. Host a “Cool” get-together.

Hey, extreme heat loves company! So, why not invite your friends or neighbors over for an ice cream social, for some cool blended drinks and maybe even some refreshing appetizers. You may just be having so much fun that you’ll forget the temperature is in the triple digits! We love this list of cool, delicious appetizers to try, plus how delicious do those roasted pepper roll-ups look?

2. Take advantage of air conditioning…

While summertime may seem like the ideal time to be outside, sometimes on extremely hot days, it’s just NOT that enjoyable. Take advantage of some cool spots like the movie theater, or a museum!

3. Break out the water ammo.

Unleash your inner child and competitor in an all-out water fight fest! Grab your squirt guns, water balloons and maybe even a slip n slide for some wet water fun!

4. Freeze your sheets… seriously

We thought this sounded interesting… Basically, in the morning, fold up your top sheet and pillowcase and throw in the freezer, when you’re ready for bed, you have a nice, cool pair of sheets! May we recommended even spritzing them with some cooling cucumber linen spray….ooh la la fancy!









5. Jump in Lake Tahoe!

The beautiful blue (and cold!) lake is waiting for you!

Have a safe and fun weekend!