Ward Off Illness | Carson Tahoe Health

Between work obligations, holiday parties and family time, the last thing you need is to get sick. Because people spend more time together and more time indoors, germs, influenza and colds circulate during the winter months. Take preventative steps to help keep healthy during the holiday season.

Wash your hands – Germs are easily shared on everyday surfaces, which are touched by more people during the holidays. Not only will washing your hands keep you from getting others’ germs, but also will keep you from spreading yours. Wash them especially before eating and before touching your face.

Get some exercise – Physical activity helps boost your immune system. Stick to your regular exercise program, and fit in activity whenever you can. Try to maintain your workout habits, and you will thank yourself when the New Year rolls around.

Eat healthy – Healthy food can help keep your immune system strong. Eating a well-balanced diet provides your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to fend off germs and viruses.

Give yourself time to recover – Stay home if you aren’t feeling well. Don’t be afraid to cancel. If you are sick, stay home and spare the rest of the party from getting your illness. It’s OK to cancel plans, or to not have any at all.

Get Plenty of Sleep – Getting a full night’s sleep boosts many of the body’s functions, including those of your immune system. In this way, getting plenty of rest can actually help your body ward off germs and destroy viruses before they lead to illness.

Don’t put off your check-ups and doctor visits – Exams and screenings can help pinpoint potential problems before they start. Discovering health issues earlier allow for quicker treatment. Click here to find a doctor