How Concussions Affect Adults & Seniors | Carson Tahoe Health

A guest at our Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Symposium asked Dr. Christopher Demers, M.D. at Sierra Neurosurgery Group, “How do adults and seniors recover from a concussion? Is it very different from younger populations?” – Jo S.

Dr. Demers’ Response:
Adults and seniors recover from concussions in the same manner that kids do.  The most notable exception is that kids and young adults recover faster and better than older people.   With a garden-variety concussion, a 10-year old might take only a week to recover completely.  The same injury in a 70-year old, for example, might take several months, and he/she might make a 95% recovery, not 100%.   The general rule is that kids brains are more pliable or flexible, and better at healing.  As you get older, connections between neurons become more fixed and healing takes a lot longer.

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